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Can Remedial Massage Therapy Help My Headache?

Remedial massage can be effective in relieving headaches for some individuals, especially if the headaches are caused or exacerbated by muscle tension, stress, or poor posture. Here’s how remedial massage might help with headaches:

  1. Muscle Tension Relief: If your headaches are caused by tense muscles in the neck, shoulders, or head, remedial massage can help relax these muscles, reducing tension and alleviating pain.
  2. Improved Blood Circulation: Massage can promote better blood circulation, which can help in reducing headaches caused by poor circulation or vascular issues.
  3. Stress Reduction: Stress is a common trigger for headaches. Massage can promote relaxation and reduce stress hormones, potentially lessening the frequency and intensity of headaches.
  4. Posture Improvement: If your headaches are related to poor posture, remedial massage can help correct imbalances in the muscles and improve posture, reducing strain on the neck and head.
  5. Trigger Point Therapy: Remedial massage therapists often use trigger point therapy to release specific points in muscles that may be causing referred pain, including headaches.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of remedial massage for headaches can vary from person to person. While it can provide relief for many individuals, it may not work for everyone. If you have chronic or severe headaches, it’s a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional, such as your GP or Osteopath, to determine the underlying cause of your headaches and to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that may include remedial massage therapy as one component.

Emma Hines

Emma completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science in 2019 before pursuing Remedial Massage Therapy. Emma has an interest in neck and shoulder concerns including headaches and the general aches and pains associated with postural imbalances. Emma likes to combine her soft tissue treatments with stretching and practical strategies and advice to help ease your concerns. Emma loves the coastal lifestyle and keeping active on beach walks and swims. She loves spending her free time with friends and family, exploring the local area and hanging out with her cat “Hawkie”