3 Ways Remedial Massage Can Help Your Shoulder Pain

Back at work after the holidays and feeling the strain of desk work in your shoulders? Massage is an effective way to mitigate and manage all sorts of aches and pains, including sore shoulders. Outlined below are 3 ways that remedial massage can positively impact your shoulder pain.

Reducing tightness and pain: You may be back to using some muscles you haven’t been for a couple of weeks and are finding that they are taking some time to adjust. Massage is able to help reduce this discomfort by helping to increase your circulation and relax those sore muscles!
Improving postural imbalances: Sometimes we can find ourselves in strange positions at our desks like holding our arms up for extended periods to use the mouse or leaning forward to read our computer screens – all of which can lead to imbalances where we have both tight, shortened muscles and some muscles that just aren’t doing their job! Massage can help improve these imbalances by reducing tightness, stretching and/or activating those muscles.
Reducing stress and tension: Heading back to work can be a stressful adjustment and sometimes our shoulders can bear the brunt of it. Massage is great because it is shown to not only reduce the physical tension from those raised up shoulders but it can help reduce mental stress as well.

If you’re looking to decrease your tightness, improve posture and release some tension in your shoulders, then our remedial massage therapist is here to help!

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Emma Hines

Emma completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science in 2019 before pursuing Remedial Massage Therapy. Emma has an interest in neck and shoulder concerns including headaches and the general aches and pains associated with postural imbalances. Emma likes to combine her soft tissue treatments with stretching and practical strategies and advice to help ease your concerns. Emma loves the coastal lifestyle and keeping active on beach walks and swims. She loves spending her free time with friends and family, exploring the local area and hanging out with her cat “Hawkie”