At POAH we aim to assist our community to live a more active and healthy lifestyle, regardless of their age and chosen activities.

Our clinic incorporates treatment rooms, rehabilitation and a reception team to form an important relationship with our patients, potential patients and our practitioners.

We pride our service on providing a patient focused environment, with active involvement of practitioners with in the clinic and external care givers such as GP’s and health providers. This ensures the best outcome for patients.

Practice Values

Everyone involved at Peninsula Osteopathy + Allied Health, including staff and practitioners, needs to be mindful of these values in everything they do.

The values are:

Honest and open communication between staff and practitioners and patients.

Our professional focus and patient outcomes are a priority, and maintains the educated and mindful environment we are doing our job in. It is what patients expect, and what we expect from each other.

Good outcomes
Our job is to get the best outcome for our patients. It is meeting patient needs and request where practical, and working together to make it happen.

To the practice, patient outcomes and the community.

Team work
The clinic requires all staff to work together to provide a relaxed, but focused environment for patients and their families to come and seek our assistance. We are all reliant of each other to make this happen; collaboration is essential.