Pilates is a form of exercise that draws focus on activating deep muscle layers in combination with movement to strengthen muscle and joints, whilst improving movement, decreasing pain and increasing functioning.

The pilates instructors at Peninsula Osteopathy + Allied Health are focused on participants getting the most out of their classes. We ensure this happens by monitoring movements and activities within the class, and encouraging participants to provide feedback about their progress through out class. Classes are held in a relaxed environment that encourages participants to move with their own limits whilst providing challenging exercises for our deep muscles including abdominals, lower back muscles, postural muscles, pelvic floor and their related joints.

At Peninsula Osteopathy + Allied Health we conduct floor mat pilates classes with a maximum of 6 people per class. This allows us to closely monitor participants and ensure correct activation and technique is followed. Classes are tailored to the groups needs to ensure maximum benefits for everyone in the group.

Classes are conducted with our rehab room within the clinic. Participants do not have to be a patient of the clinic to participate in classes. All ages and abilities are welcome to participate.

Classes run for 45 minutes. All classes must be prebooked via reception.

Dr Belinda Kelly - Peninsula Osteopathy and Allied Health


Belinda has practiced pilates for over 10 years and has completed her Studio Pilates Mat Level 1 instructors course. Pilates is a great way to integrate correct movement and muscle activation patterns, to assist with recover from injury or return to sport or activities. Belinda is also an osteopath at Peninsula Osteopathy + Allied Health.


Dr Demi Donegan


Demi completed her training at RMIT University and has moved to enjoy the coastal lifestyle. Demi enjoys treating a variety of conditions from sporting injuries, postural issues, neck and back pain to pregnancy-related issues.

Demi's caring personality is evident in her approach to osteopathy. She is passionate about promoting overall wellbeing and is committed to helping her patients achieve their personal goals and maintain health and fitness.

Demi has also completed her Clinical Pilates training and is looking forward to running some classes to help her clients that one step further.

Demi loves being outdoors and keeping active as well as relaxing with a good book. She enjoys spending quality time with family and friends and getting to the beach with her dog when she can.


Danielle undertook her Pilates training in between completing her Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science (Honours) and her Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology studies at Deakin University. She is passionate about exercise and believes that Pilates exercises teach clients how to strengthen the smaller muscle that assist larger muscles to work at their full capacity.

Danielle worked as a Pilates instructor at Peninsula Osteopathy and Allied Health in her year off between studies, where she developed her interest in exercise as a rehabilitative tool for individuals with chronic musculoskeletal injuries, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. This is what led her to begin her Masters studies and become an Exercise Physiologist. Danielle has since undertaken research in several different projects, including Type 2 Diabetes and exercise during and post-pregnancy.

Danielle has worked with a wide range of individuals to help them understand how exercise can improve their health conditions, and can be used as a form of medicine to facilitate better health outcomes. She is very passionate about educating the client on their health conditions and helping them to live a more active life.

In her spare time, Danielle enjoys swimming, baking and spending time outside with her family and dog.