Osteopathy is a manual therapy that focuses on assisting the body to restore functioning and movement.
Our osteopaths do this by using soft tissue massage, stretching, joint mobilisation and manipulation.
Osteopaths also use hands on techniques which may influence different systems of the body such as digestion, respiration and the nervous system.


Your osteopath will begin your consultation with a thorough discussion about the complaint or problem you are presenting with. They will also ask about your general health and medical history as part of their assessment.
An examination is conducted looking at how the affected region is moving, whilst also assessing related areas or structures.
Your osteopath will then discuss their diagnosis and treatment plan. This usually includes home exercise, ergonomic or rehabilitation advice.
Treatment is then tailored to what we find during examination, and discussing this with the patient. All treatments are individualised, based on your specific needs.


During and after treatment your osteopath will offer advice and exercises to enhance your recovery. Our osteopaths can give you guided programs to follow, and monitor your progress to restore your functioning and help you return to your best.



We appreciate that pregnancy is a unique and amazing experience. Many changes occur to the body to allow for the baby’s growth, preparing the body for labour and motherhood. For some women this can result in discomfort and limited functioning.

The osteopaths at Peninsula Osteopathy + Allied Health can assess if problems arising during pregnancy may be due to:

  • altered posture
  • change in functioning of the body
  • tissue congestion
  • pressure on structures as baby grows
  • hormonal changes
  • change in body weight and balance.

How Can Peninsula Osteopathy Help?

After a thorough patient history and examination, our osteopaths use hands-on treatment to assist your body with changes occurring during your pregnancy. Patients are encouraged to be actively involved in their treatment and they will be able to give feedback at all stages of their care.

Our approach is tailored to each patient’s needs and includes:

  • Using soft tissue massage, stretching and joint movement to assist restricted areas to move better
  • Giving appropriate exercises to strengthen the pelvis and pelvic floor, and stretches to relieve areas of tightness and restriction
    ergonomic advice e.g. postural advice for work, labour, and feeding your baby
  • Regular monitoring and reassessment of your symptoms as your pregnancy progresses
  • Assessment and advice post labour to assist your body to best respond after your pregnancy and birth, and into motherhood
  • Exercise classes for pregnancy and motherhood conducted at the clinic.


Belinda completed her 5 year osteopathic training at Victoria University before commencing practice in Geelong, then moving on to Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne to experience osteopathy in many different settings. Settling back in Geelong Belinda realised there was a need for osteopathic services on the northern Bellarine, and established her practice within Drysdale Clinic in 2005.

Belinda enjoys treating patients with problems related to injuries or conditions, and has a special interest in women’s health, particularly treating women pre and post natal.  This has lead Belinda to complete further training in assessment and treatment of pelvic health in women.

Belinda has a keen interest in most sports, which was reflected in her masters study on injuries in elite women cricketers. Belinda presented her study at the World Congress of Science and Medicine in Cricket in South Africa in 2003 during the cricket World Cup.

Belinda has a young family who all enjoy participation in different sports and activities. Belinda has a love of swimming, pilates, yoga and an addiction to stand up paddle boarding! Belinda enjoys being able educate patients through treatment and lifestyle advice, so they can help themselves to maintain and improve their functioning.

Belinda also teaches pilates at the clinic and is undergoing training to become a yoga teacher.


Master of Health Science (Osteopathy)
Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science)
Bachelor Human Movement and Exercise Science/Bachelor of Psychology
Advanced Diploma of Remedial Massage (Myotherapy)

Meaghan has extensive experience working in elite sports with more than a decade working in AFL talent pathways including Western Bulldogs AFL and AFLW, Victorian Football League club Werribee and TAC Cup club Western Jets. She has also spent time trackside treating international track cyclists.

Meaghan has a keen interest in treating women through all stages of pregnancy and has undertaken additional learning to further development her skills in this area.

In her passion for preventative health and well-being, Meaghan has become a qualified Pilates instructor and finds it beneficial to incorporate this in her treatment sessions. Meaghan leads Pilates classes at our clinic and is furthering this education in reformer training.

Away from work Meaghan loves gardening and enjoys getting tips from her green-thumb patients while helping them remain injury-free to spend more time in their gardens.


Teneille completed her osteopathic training at RMIT Melbourne where she commenced work in private practice. Teneille then had a travelling adventure before returning home to settle in Geelong.

Teneille has a special interest in women's health and has completed post graduate courses in this area. Teneille also enjoys treating a variety of conditions including neck pain and headaches, low back pain and sports injuries.

Teneille is also qualified to utilised Musculoskeletal Dry Needling as part of osteopathic management of soft tissue conditions.


Gemma completed her Bachelor of health sciences/Bachelor of Applied Sciences at RMIT University before commencing practice in her hometown of Drysdale. She enjoys treating a range of conditions including neck pain and headaches, back pain and sporting injuries. Gemma has a particular interest in overuse injuries such as tendinopathies and has completed further courses including ‘Mastering lower limb tendinopathies' to further develop her understanding.

Having participated in many team sports growing up Gemma has developed a keen interest and passion in assisting young athletes stay fit and healthy. She enjoys playing an active role in helping patients of all ages achieve their goals – no matter how big or small. She believes in using a patient centred approach to treatment and works with each individual to develop a management plan that suits best. Gemma typically utilises a direct approach to treatment using techniques such as soft tissues massage, muscle and joint stretching, manipulation and dry needling.

Gemma has also completed her Mat Pilates training with Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) and likes to incorporate these exercises into her management plans. Gemma is furthering her knowledge of rehabilitation through further education in strength and conditioning. Gemma believes that exercise and movement play an integral role in achieving optimal outcomes and will often prescribe rehab and appropriate stretching as an adjunct to treatment. Gemma is leading our athlete training program at Portarlington helping young athletes move better and stronger.

Outside of the treatment room Gemma is a keen netballer competing for Leopold in the GFL. She also enjoys spending time outdoors going camping, hiking and mountain bike riding.


Caitlin graduated from Victoria University in 2012 and worked across clinics in Brunswick and Yarraville for almost a decade, before heading back home to the coast.

Caitlin's treatment and management of clients is based on the original philosophies of Osteopathy, with the holistic approach being very important to her.

Caitlin combines a variety of Osteopathic techniques tailored to individual needs together with exercise and lifestyle prescription and advice.

Since completing formal studies Caitlin has gone on to further study into chronic pain and mindfulness/awareness practice, as well as becoming certified in reformer pilates and yoga.

Caitlin currently teaches reformer classes at our studio.


Josh completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, before his fascination with injury and healing led him to becoming an Osteopath.

Josh loves helping patients understand their pain and working with them to overcome it. He knows the value of clear communication, ensuring patients fully understand their diagnosis and the plan to manage it! Josh also has a passion for running and loves helping patients with their running-related injuries, or improving their performance.

Josh utilises a variety of osteopathic manual therapy techniques, including soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, manipulation and dry needling. He leans on his knowledge of exercise and rehabilitation with all of his patients, aiming to provide long term benefits to their health and wellbeing.

Originally from a tiny country town in Central Victoria, Josh loves spending as much time as possible outside; camping, hiking and running. Or spending time with his partner and their beloved greyhounds!


Mitch enjoys working with people with a diverse range of injuries and conditions. His particular interest and skillset is assisting those individuals with complex, persistent pain and injury achieve their health-related goals - whatever that may be!

He uses a combination of hands-on techniques, such as manipulation, soft tissue massage and mobilisations/articulations, in conjunction with dry needling and movement-based rehabilitation to get you feeling and moving better. Expect to walk away from a consultation armed with the knowledge of what's going on for you, why it is there, how long it may take and how we can assist you to recover.

Mitch has experience working with people from all walks of life and is currently at WorkSafe Victoria assisting those individuals with significant work-related injuries achieve their best prospect of recovery.

Outside of the clinic you will find Mitch surfing or exploring our local beaches and coastline.

Mitch is available Tuesday afternoons at our Drysdale clinic and is unable to see workers compensation patients but is still able to see DVA, CDM/Medicare and TAC clients.


Sam completed his Bachelor's Degree in Science (Osteopathy) and Master's Degree in Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University and enjoys treating a diverse range of patient presentations. Originally from South East Melbourne, Sam has recently settled into life in Clifton Springs. Sams interest in Osteopathy stemmed from his background in sport and interest in the human body.

Sam values patient-practitioner communication and uses this to create patient centred goals used to guide treatment and management for his patients. Sam incorporates a whole body approach to his treatment, combining manual therapy techniques such as dry needling, joint mobilisation, spinal manipulation and soft tissue techniques. In addition to treatment, Sam uses both exercise and patient education as management strategies, tailoring advice to his patients lifestyle and individual goals.

Outside the clinic, Sam enjoys exploring Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula, playing football and basketball, and spending time with his partner and their dog Brian.

Sam will be available for appointments Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


Michaela completed her Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy)/ Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University before commencing practice back in her hometown on the Bellarine. 

Michaela believes in treating the whole person, not just the injury, providing a holistic patient-centreed approach to treatment. She has a keen interest in the neuro-musculoskeletal system, whilst taking on a biopsychosocial approach to treatment. 

Having participated in many sports growing up, namely swimming & tennis, Michaela enjoys treating those that are, or that are wanting to, be active. Being part of a patient’s health journey is a driver for Michaela’s interest in being an osteopath. She will centre the patient’s management plan around their goals and admirations.

Along with using her strength and conditioning certification, Michaela has become part of the rehabilitation team at the Drysdale Women’s football club. Her keen interest for women in sport has led Micheala to participate in women’s concussion and ACL research, as well as being part of the La Trobe University AFLW prep to play program. 

Michaela enjoys working with an array of injuries and conditions. However her keen interests involve women’s health, sporting injuries, neck pain, headaches, low back, hip & pelvic girdle pain. Incorporating the use of soft tissue massage, dry needling, manipulation and exercise prescription, Michaela tailor’s her appointments to the needs of the patient. 

When Michaela isn’t planning her next holiday, she is currently playing water polo for the Geelong Marlins or attending to her chocolate and coffee addiction.


Initially, Candice was drawn to osteopathy as she had a keen interest in learning about the human body and wanted a deeper understanding of how the body functions. This passion has followed on to caring for the person as a whole and having a patient-centred approach to treatment.

She enjoys treating people with acute and chronic pain, postural strain, arthritis and restrictive back pain and is also interested in furthering her studies in the biomechanics and functions of breathing while keeping up to date with current evidence-based practice.

Candice finds many of her treatments include a variety of techniques and involve soft tissue, stretching, articulation, dry needling and manipulation when appropriate.

Her interests include spending time with family, whether it be going to the park, beach, nature walks, camping or walking her dog “Maggie”.


Jess completed her Bachelor of health sciences/Bachelor of Applied Sciences at RMIT University and has worked in Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula and the USA, before putting down roots in Portarlington. Jess loves to help people with a wide range of complaints including sporting injuries, persistent aches and pains, pregnancy and post partum, and those suffering from long hours behind a desk, or on their feet in hospitality or on tools.

Jess loves to empower her patients to get back to the things they love by helping them understand their injury. Jess provides evidence based information and care, hands on treatment, and rehabilitation exercises specific to the patient’s needs and abilities. Hands on treatment techniques may include soft tissue massage, manipulation, dry cupping and dry needling.

Jess considers that the best part of her job is getting to know people on an individual basis, and would like her patients to feel confident they are getting the best care as part of the Peninsula Osteopathy team. In her spare time Jess loves to jog, resistance train, camp and hike, read and cook. But mostly, she runs around after her toddler.

Jess is currently on extended leave.