Pre/Post-natal Pilates

What is it?

Modified Pilates exercises, shifting the focus to what your body needs during this time. Classes are designed to help your body through all stages of your pregnancy and post-partum experience.

Key differences to general Pilates classes:

A focus on spinal mobility continues throughout pre/post-natal Pilates classes.

Where it differs are:

  • modified positions, for example, during second and third trimesters no exercises lying on your back or tummy,
  • focus shifts from exercises strengthening the core to exercises for postural awareness and pelvic strength, and
  • exercises to assist with post-partum recovery.

Key goals of Pilates exercises during pregnancy and post-partum:

To improve or maintain:

  • Pelvic floor muscle activation
  • Pelvic strength and support
  • Postural awareness/training

What if I have pelvic or back pain?

Modified pregnancy Pilates classes aim to assist with pelvic strength and spinal mobility to help prevent pregnancy-related pain but they can also be modified for women with pain to assist them through their pregnancy and to recover post-partum.

What does a pre/post-natal Pilates class at Peninsula Osteopathy and Allied Health look like?

Small class sizes so exercises can be easily modified and individualised to your stage in pregnancy, level of Pilates experience and how you are feeling on the day.

Participants may complete an individual assessment with an Osteopath before their first class. This will include discussing health/fitness goals and any injury or health concerns.

Meaghan Whelan

Meaghan is an osteopath and qualified Pilates and yin yoga instructor. Meaghan has extensive experience working in elite sports, has a keen interest in treating women through all stages of pregnancy and is a qualified Pilates instructor. She enjoys helping people of all ages keep moving and doing what they love.