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Hatha Yoga is best described as the union of the breath and the body. The practice of yoga is to find balance, when participating regularly a relationship if formed with ourselves and we become more aware of our bodies and more reflective of our thoughts.

Yoga can rid the body and mind of what is no longer needed, to then make space for what is needed. Yoga is know to lower stress and anxiety, help with digestion and circulation, maintain muscle flexibility and strength, also to realign the body and improve general health and well being.

Small classes are conducted at the clinic, with a focus on restoring function, movement and present state of mind. This allows individuals of all levels of movement and experience to be catered for, maximizing your results.

Morning and evening classes are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Classes run for 60 minutes.  All classes must be prebooked via reception.


Bec started practicing yoga in her early 20s and the appeal of an exercise that embraced both body and mind allowed her to find balance at a busy time in her life. Over time she has been influenced by many styles of yoga but found clarity and structure in the teaching of Hatha yoga in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya.

Now a wife, mother and a qualified yoga teacher her passion is teaching others to find an understanding of themselves through yoga.

Bec has experience teaching children, pregnancy, beginners and experienced students. Bec especially enjoys the challenge of helping people with injury and finding pose modifications to suit everyones needs.

On any given day our minds and bodies are influenced by different things. It is important that we adapt and accept that what we did yesterday may not be the right thing for today.

Bec will be familiar to some of you as she was previously our receptionist.