Manual Dry Needling

What is Manual Dry Needling?

Manual Dry Needling is a form of treatment to reduce pain and/or increase movement. It involves a needle being inserted through the skin into areas of a muscle. It is a different form of treatment compared to acupuncture, which is based on traditional Chinese medicine. Only practitioners trained in Manual Dry Needling may use this as part of your treatment plan.

Who would benefit from Dry Needling?

– People suffering with chronic pain/injuries

– Injured athletes or active people

– Anyone with pain or dysfunction

– Tennis or golfers elbow

– Rotator cuff or shoulder pain

– Bursitis in the hip

– Achilles or heel pain

How does Manual Dry Needling work?

Manual Dry Needling works by inserting a needle into a Myofascial trigger point (hyperirritable palpable nodule in muscles) to desensitise the nervous system in this muscle, which can reduce pain and restore mobility.