5 Reasons to Get Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial massage therapy is a form of therapeutic massage that aims to address specific musculoskeletal issues and promote healing and recovery. There are many reasons why people might seek remedial massage, but here are 5 common ones:

  1. Pain Relief: Remedial massage is often sought to alleviate pain, whether it’s due to muscle tension, injury, or chronic conditions like back pain, neck pain, or headaches. The therapist uses various techniques and assessments to target the source of discomfort and provide relief.
  2. Injury Rehabilitation: Many people turn to remedial massage as part of their rehabilitation process after injuries, such as sprains, strains, or sports-related injuries. It can help speed up the healing process, reduce scar tissue, and improve mobility.
  3. Stress and Tension Reduction: Stress and tension can manifest in the form of muscle tightness and knots. Remedial massage techniques can help relax muscles, release built-up tension, and improve overall relaxation, contributing to better mental and physical wellbeing.
  4. Postural Issues: Poor posture is a common problem, often leading to chronic pain and discomfort. Remedial massage can help correct postural imbalances by releasing tight muscles and promoting better alignment.
  5. Range of Motion Improvement: Restricted range of motion can be due to various factors, including muscle tightness and joint stiffness. Remedial massage can help improve flexibility and joint mobility, making it easier to perform everyday activities and prevent future injuries.

Keep in mind that remedial massage therapy is a highly individualised treatment, and the specific reasons for seeking it may vary from person to person. Remedial massage therapists aim to assess your unique needs and tailor the treatment accordingly.


Emma Hines

Emma completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science in 2019 before pursuing Remedial Massage Therapy. Emma has an interest in neck and shoulder concerns including headaches and the general aches and pains associated with postural imbalances. Emma likes to combine her soft tissue treatments with stretching and practical strategies and advice to help ease your concerns. Emma loves the coastal lifestyle and keeping active on beach walks and swims. She loves spending her free time with friends and family, exploring the local area and hanging out with her cat “Hawkie”